talk2lift demo case the way to present our touchless elevator technology

talk2lift® demo case

A favorable presentation of talk2lift® makes a major contribution, helping to achieve the desired positive effect on potential buyers.

The demo case is portable and lightweight, ideal for carrying and demonstrating our company's touchless elevator technology along with its capabilities to your partners.

Equipped with precision inserts, talk2lift® stored in the demo case cannot move around and is therefore transported safely.

The demonstration case includes a talk2lift® device.

talk2lift® demo case + talk2lift® wave

This is the best way to demonstrate the completely touch free interaction technology, both in and out of the elevator cabin, to your prospects. 

The demo case includes a talk2lift® device and the talk2lift® wave.

The combination of the two devices in the same demo case makes it convenient to carry and easy to present. It is both lightweight and safe to transport.

t2l device
t2l demo case
t2l wave
t2l avatar
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