is the first and only voice controlled elevator system worldwide!

provides the capability of elevator voice control system in any elevator cabin, enabling passengers to voice-control the lift by uttering the floor number or any other related information (house owner’s name, profession, sector/area, etc.)

can be adjusted on the electronic board of any elevator cabin

has been patented in the European Union and bears the CE conformity mark.

Entering the elevator, the passengers move their hand in front of the talk2lift® device. Without touching any buttons at all the voice recognition is activated and the passengers are prompted to say their  destination.
Users can thus use the lift in the conventional manner.
talk2lift® is specially designed to be accessible by wheelchair users as well as visually impaired people.

Pronouncing your Destination
Passengers can be transferred to the desired floor just by pronouncing it e.g. « first floor», «ground floor» or «parking».
It is possible to pronounce the name of an individual or a company e.g. «Jim Brown» or «Entranet»
Or any other word which has been correlated with a floor
e.g. «tax office», «lawyer», «cardiology department», «coffee».

Protection from Covid-19
and any other viruses.

Assistance to visually impaired people

Easy and quick access
of visitors to the building’s habitants (apartments, offices, etc)

Time saving for visitors in vast buildings
(offices, hospitals, public services etc)

Ιmproved accuracy and reduced defects of moving inside the building

Environmental protection
saving energy by applying intelligent management system (under development)

Apartment buildings
(supporting floor numbers and owners’ or renters’ names)

Buildings hosting company offices
(e.g. keywords associating floors with company names,
brands, products, employee names, sectors etc.)

Large organizations public or private
with many floors and departments

(e.g. Healthcare sector in which buildings typically host tens
of departments and clinics)

  • Improved accuracy of moving inside the building
  • Improved efficiency
    of the building’s secretary, reception services.
  • User friendly interface to register
    and update information.
  • 2 Years Warranty.
  • Multilingual support.
    Selection of more than 15 supported languages.
  • Voice independent
    i.e., works for new passengers without the need of prior training.
  • Improved accuracy for lift cabins with precision rates as high as 97%.
  • Central and dynamic control of keyword associations to floors
    through an intuitive user interface.
  • Added value to both the elevator and the building
    by giving a sense of luxury and high end technology.
  • Does not need mechanical maintenance.
  • Customizable in order to fit any need