Use talk2lift device for a voice recognition elevator

Create a voice recognition elevator with talk2lift device

talk2lift® device

talk2lift® is the first and only speech recognition device, especially designed for elevators worldwide, that enables users to use a voice recognition elevator without touching any buttons.

It allows them to pronounce the floor number or any other related information (house owner, profession, sector/area, etc.) enabling them to conveniently find their destination while at the same time it enables people with disabilities.

There are available two versions of the talk2lift® system so that it can be adjusted on the electronic board of any elevator cabin

1. Integrated device, placed within the COP.

talk2liſt® is the best way designed to date for anyone to reach a destination within a building.

Facade: Inox

Dimensions (WxH): 12.9x9.5 cm

2. Free standing device, placed next to the button panel.

A great solution for old elevators but also for cabins that the integrated version cannot be installed within the COP.

Facade: Inox

Dimensions (WxHxD): 19x22x4.5cm

t2l device
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